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Mettle Arsenal

Mettle Arsenal

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Stay Sharp

Military Fit takes a different approach to the traditional high stimulant based PRE-workouts. With only 120mg of caffeine per serving, Mettle is specially formulated to fuel your workouts without jacking you up on enough caffeine to stimulate an entire platoon.

Stay Firing

We’re guys, we get it. When was the last time you actually remembered to take your vitamins? Exactly. Mettle is loaded up with vitamins and minerals to keep your body firing on all cylinders.

Stay Building

When you workout you’re tearing and breaking down muscle fibers. It’s when those beautiful guns replenish that muscle actually builds. The four amino acids inside Mettle, ensure your body is making the energy it needs, to increase muscular endurance and recover faster, while helping you maintain proper hydration.

We Got Your Six.

Our products are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for you, no skin off our backs. We’ll still send that 10% to help out the toughest guys we know.

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Please keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for use by anyone under the age of 18.


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